WordPress Best Practices to Boost User Engagement on your Website

WordPress Best Practices to Boost User Engagement on your Website

Driving quality web traffic to a new WordPress website is always a gruesome challenge for every site owner. No matter how technically- sophisticated you design your site, a visitor won’t stay longer until you give them reasons to explore other web pages or content of your site. Of course, there are multiple ways to engage more and more users, but for that, you need to optimize each and every aspect of your site that directly affects its conversion rates sales.

Apart from creating and promoting quality content on social media platforms, make sure you analyze your site’s visitor data to get a better understanding of the actions and behaviors of your potential visitors while browsing your site in real time.

In fact, most of the websites unable to retain their web visitors for longer even after generating enough web traffic – this can be due to slow page load speed, poor navigation, complex or annoying web design, etc. To overcome this situation, you need to think out the ways to improve the user engagement of your WordPress site.

Here, we will cover some of the best tips/tricks that can boost your WordPress site’s engagement and give you a golden opportunity to take your online business to the higher level.

1. Enhance the User Experience of your WordPress site

An elegant UX design can help you engage more end users towards your website. The term User Experience (UX) determines the entire experience of a visitor while accessing a site in real-time. It is one of the key elements that gives you a clear picture of how the design of a site feels to their targeted web users.

You can follow the latest web design trends, including video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, fixed and floating headers to give rich user experience to your potential web visitors. But before this, make sure that you stick to the basic web design rules to improve the UX of your website. Consider the few tips to ensure rich user experience:

a)    Simple and User-friendly design

A simple, user-friendly, and visually-appealing website has a potential to leave the long-lasting impression on a visitor’s mind. Instead of using complicated web design structure, create clean and user-friendly using the right color combination, impressive layouts, and eye-catching images.

You can display key content on your homepage to generate initial leads. You can also use animated images or videos to convey your message effectively to the web visitors. If you want to increase your page views, then internal linking of your own content is an incredible technique. This can make it super-easy for users to find the other published content of your site in seconds.

b)    Amplify your Navigation Structure

A good navigation structure always ensures an improved user experience. It allows your real-time visitors to find the other content on your site quickly and easily. It improves the conversion rate of your WordPress site and let your end users browse all the pages of your site, without a hassle.

You can encourage visitors to stay longer and explore other pages of your site by creating simple, clean and user-friendly navigation on your WordPress site. Be consistent while creating the navigation structure for all your web pages because a slight change may irritate your visitors and they may even abandon your site.

Also, make sure that you use engaging and user-friendly terms in your navigation menu to give rich browsing experience to your end users.

2. Improve the loading speed of your site

speed-up-siteAccording to the Moz Survey, the conversion rates of websites hiked by 14 % by reducing the loading speed of landing pages from 5 seconds to 2 seconds. This shows that today’s web users don’t want to access a website that takes a longer to load a web page. In other words, a slow loading website drastically affects the engagement of users on WordPress websites.

If you want you want to improve your site’s speed, make sure you consider the following tips:

a)    Choose a simple and well-designed WordPress theme

Always choose a simple, and well-coded WordPress theme while creating your website. A light framework can make your site run faster on all browsers and web platforms. Fortunately, WordPress offers a plethora of responsive themes that are structured in a minimalistic and lightweight manner to ensure fast loading times.

b)    Delete inactive plugins

No doubt plugins are great for enhancing the functionality of a WordPress site. But keeping too many unused plugins can slow down the speed of your site. If you want to optimize the performance of your site, you need to delete all the inactive plugins and widgets. Use only those plugins that can take the functionality of your website to the next level.

c)    Image Optimization

This is the best way you can do to improve the overall speed of your WordPress site. Most of the website owners use large image files to make their site look more appealing and engaging. But the fact is that heavy images slow down the speed of a site, which drastically affects the conversion rates.

Therefore, it is better to optimize the size of all your image files and give your visitors a rich and hassle-free user experience. You can use Adobe PhotoShop or WP Smush Pro to optimize the large image files. These tools will reduce the file sizes of images, without ever compromising its quality.

3. Create unique and quality content

A good and unique content can help you drive a large amount of traffic towards your website. Usually, web visitors love to read engaging, relevant, and fresh blog posts and articles to enhance your knowledge. It means you need to create a content that is valuable to your potential readers – allow them to learn something new from it.

Here are some tips that will help you create quality content for your readers:

contenta)    Re-post your popular content

What will you do if you had hundreds of social shares and comments on your older posts? Of course, you re-post that piece of content to engage more web visitors. This is a recycling process that can help you generate more web traffic towards your WordPress site.

You can tweak the format, change the title, add the latest research, and use new images to give it a completely fresh look. Even, you can transform your posts into a SlideShare to encourage more visitors to read your content.

b)    Time is a key while posting your content

If you want your web visitors to engage with your content, make sure you present it at the right time. Use Google Analytics to track the actions of your visitors to know when they access your site so that you can post your content to that time – this increases user engagement and social shares.

Try to publish your blog post at the most opportune time if you want to improve the user engagement on your WordPress site.

4. Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is a crucial aspect to boost the overall visibility of a WordPress site on Google and other search engines. Once getting higher web traffic, you can encourage them to stay longer on your website.

The best part is that you can make a use of best WordPress SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO to optimize the meta data, blog posts, and web pages of your WordPress site.

5. Run Split or A/B Testing


It is always important to analyze your page views and your visitor’s actions while visiting your site in real time. This helps you get more information about where you are going and how far you will meet the expectations of your potential web users.

Apart from this, you can also do split or A/B testing to ensure whether the changes you made to your site are helping you out or not. A/B testing is basically a practice where two or more different changes are compared against each other to know which one leaves the better impact.

For an example, if your background image is not conveying your company’s desired message, then you can change it with a new one and compare the page views stats from before and after the change to determine whether your visitors are staying around for longer or not.


Improving the user engagement on a WordPress site has many advantages. Giving rich user experience, smooth navigation, clean and visually appealing design, fresh, and quality content, and faster loading speed can help you achieve the goals of your business with ease.

Besides this, also make sure you effectively optimize your site for Google and other search engines. This will help you get higher ranking on SERPs.

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