Client Spotlight: PLR AutoSpa Website Redesign

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Client Spotlight: PLR AutoSpa Website Redesign

PLR Autospa is located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. Established in 2012, PLR Autospa had their site designed by us some time ago, but felt that it was time for a redesign. The company which is a satellite branch of Premier Luxury Rentals, gave us creative control over the project, which we were of course, excited by.

PLR Autospa delivers luxurious auto detailing and car wash service to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. When it comes to your vehicle, their team highly-trained and knowledgeable auto detailing experts guarantee professional, meticulous and timely service every time. PLR Autospa is the premier luxury auto detailing clinic.

When redesigning PLR Auto Spa we wanted to convey the feeling that the company is looking toward the future, just like their customers’ cars and technology. The main design theme of the site is the look of cards floating off the page, often times cut out, allowing the background to show through. This is very reminiscent of current day trends in cutting-edge digital interfaces.

Additionally, we implemented a sliding image feature for their before and after photos which allows customers to get an instant impression of the quality of their work. The image below gives you a better idea of this feature, but you can check out the full functionality here.

plr autospa redesign2












When designing a website it is important to always remember that the site becomes your business card in many cases. This is why you want to be sure that your website does a great job of conveying your message to your customers, not just with the words you use, but also with the images, colors and placement of everything on your website. This redesign of PLR Autospa does just that.

We are super excited about the web design solution we were able to provide for this longtime client and the future of his business using the new site. To find out more about Lidyr Creative web design solutions, email us or call us at 215-550-5054 to schedule your free consultation.