5 Web Design Tips to Make Your Site Stand Out

5 Web Design Tips to Make Your Site Stand Out

If you are designing a new website for your business, you want it to be stand out, be professional, and attractive to your customers.  With so many different web design possibilities, designing a site that’s right for you can get a little overwhelming. There is so much that you can do. Your website is a tool to share information with your potential customers. Here are a 5 web design tips to make your website stand out online, and attract new customers to your business.

Use bold colors, but don’t over do it.

I’m a big proponent of brightly colored websites, but limit the amount of actual colors you use as much as you can. Try to use just 1 primary color and 1 contrasting secondary color, then black, white, or shades of gray, as needed. You can also add brighter and darker shades of those colors to add extra depth. Speaking of white and black, to reduce eye strain and make your site a bit more modern looking use light and dark shades of grays instead. And minimize the use of color in text to headlines, links and short asides.

Keep it simple, short and minimal.

Customers don’t want to read a wall of text and will click away if there are too many hurdles between them and the content they’re looking for. Keep your site as simple as possible. If you want to provide more information, allow interested readers to choose to read more by clicking to the site.

Typography is important, but can slow down your site.

Google fonts is a great place to start using custom typography but I recommend limiting your site’s fonts to 3 maximum. Use one main font, one complimentary font, and one accent font for things you’d like to really make stand out. You can use a reasonable amount of weights and italics to create variations of these fonts that are not distracting and easy on the eyes. Be sure that you select and use just one font for headlines and one for body text. Bonus Tip: You can download free fonts on your Mac or PC from a site called Creative Market every week.

Big is beautiful.

With computer screens getting bigger and sharper, and average internet speeds getting faster, don’t be afraid to make your body text a bit larger. Try using at least 13-14pt fonts for paragraph text, and don’t be afraid to pump up the negative space. Content that is too close together will more likely just lead to customer confusion.

Incentivize your customers with meaningful content.

Keep your customers coming back to your site (and hopefully buying more) by creating and publishing meaningful content. Keep in mind that more is not necessarily better when it comes to content, and that the quality of content matters much more that the quantity. You do want to make sure you’re giving new content regularly though, at least twice a month. Sometimes newer e-commerce business owners are resistant to giving away all their good information for free, but think about it this way: a storefront, incentivizes their customers by offering deals, coupons and freebies, like 15% off purchases, or buy one get on free. Those incentives don’t really cost the store owner anything, but they do make people come and spend money, sometimes more than usual. That’s exactly the way free content incentives work for your online business.

These are just a few tips to improve your new website’s design. No matter what design aesthetics you go with, be sure to take a step back and evaluate the overall look and feel of the site. Is it easy to navigate? Is it hard to buy your products? Keep all of this in mind, as these things will directly affect whether or not your potential customers buy from you.