5 Ways To Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer


5 Ways To Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

We all want people who visit our website to stay as long as possible right? We live in a world of short attention spans, and listed below are 5 things that can hold a visitors attention. The longer you have someone on your website the greater the chances they will actually make a purchase.

So what can you do to keep visitors on your website longer? The following are 5 things you can change to keep people on your website longer.

Have a FAQ available on your website

Making a FAQ available on a website is significant because it shows that you’re addressing customer’s needs. They can get an overview of your company and answers to common questions. This can hold a visitor’s attention because it gets them more interested in your service or product, and the questions they may have but don’t bother to ask may even be on the FAQ.

Have a fast loading website


If a website takes more than 4 seconds to load, it can lose a considerable amount of people. Research shows that people will go back on a page if it takes too long to load. On average, a website that loads in 2 seconds or less expected. To avoid this, choose a simple template and have fewer graphics.

Stay above the fold

According to research, website users spend 80% of their time looking at the information above the page fold. Visitors have a short attention span and get distracted easily, so having the main focus and most important information above the fold will have visitors staying on your page.  Also, keeping it simple and clean will make more of an attractive site since there would be less clutter and confusion.

Use graphics and videos 

Visitors usually aren’t willing to read paragraphs of what your company has to offer. Having a few graphics and videos that explains what you have to offer will allow them to understand better, and they will be more engaged. Containing a video where you explain your company’s service or product will make your website more exciting. Besides, people usually would rather watch a video that summarizes the company rather than read a long paragraph.

 Use contrasting colors

Text is easier to read when the background and text are in high contrast. Low contrast can irritate the eyes and cause eye fatigue. Don’t have too many colors on your website, as it may be very distracting and can make your website less appealing.

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