5 Tips for Finding Content to Share on Your Social Media Sites

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5 Tips for Finding Content to Share on Your Social Media Sites

Social media is an important aspect of every business in today’s business climate. People use your social media sites in addition to your website to validate your business and verify your authority on whatever it is you do. But finding relevant content can be tough. Once you share content from your own blog, where do you go to find new, fresh content to share, that your followers will engage in?

Here are 5 tips for finding content to share on your social media sites

1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is our favorite tool to use for finding social media content. It’s easy to use and there’s a free version. You can find content by searching relevant key words. Go to the trending topics section to find content that will attract new followers and will get reblogged or reposted. Here’s a quick Buzzsumo Tutorial.

2. Analyze what interests your followers

There are some posts on your social media sites that will have higher engagement than others, because its more appealing to your followers. If you truly understand your business’ avatar, then you’ll be able to easily predict the type of content they like. People who follow and engage with Lidyr Creative on social media sites tend to like motivation quotes and business tips. Understanding your audience will help you find relevant content to share more easily.

3. Use hashtags for research purposes

Hashtags are not just good because they’re cool and fun. (#NoOneDoesItLikeUs) Hashtags are actually dual purposed. They help users find you, but they also help you find content that’s worth sharing. Search hashtags that are relevant to your industry. If you’re a haircare business, you should be searching hashtags like haircare, beauty, #bundles #naturalhair #hairsalon #colorhair #beautytips, etc. It’s a quick and easy way to find content to be able to share on your social media sites. On Twitter, hashtags work best.

4. Use the explore page on Instagram

The explore page has content from everyone in your network and people they follow. So, if you’re following people in your industry (as you should be), you will be able to find content that’s popular among your followers. Use your explore page to also find new people to follow.

5. Use keywords for Google searches

Ask Google questions your audience would want to know the answers to. When people are searching for your business, what problems are they trying to solve? You don’t always have to view others in your industry as competition. See similar small businesses and their blogs as brother/sister blogs, that can help you grow, both your business and your reach.