4 Types of Customers and How to Sell Your Products to Them

4 Types of Customers and How to Sell Your Products to Them

As a business owner, your number one job is to create and sell products or services that solve your customers problems. The number one key to offering these solutions is knowing and understanding your audience. There are 4 main types of customers that you will come in contact with as an ecommerce business owner. This article, along some audience research, will help you identify the type of audience you have, and how to create content that resonates with them

1. The Brand Aware

They know you. They know what you offer. They’re on the fence. They want to take that jump and are generally interested in the product, but they need that something that will push them off the edge.

How to sell: These people are looking for a deal. Maybe you have one, maybe you don’t, that doesn’t matter. What you have to do to sell to these is the reassurance of their knowledge in you. They know something about you and you either want to double down on that thing or you want to incentive your product and let them know you offer even more than they think.

2. The Problem Aware

The people in this category are looking for a solution. They have some sort of problem, but they don’t know what to do or how to fix it.

How to sell: What problem does your product solve? Capitalize upon that for these people. If your product fixes smudged glasses, make sure that’s what you’re advertising. You’re not dealing with competitors. Not yet, at least.

3. The Solution Aware

These people have a problem. They also know how to fix their problem.

How to sell: This is where you want to focus upon competitors. You want to make yourself seem better and look book.You don’t want to echo what your competitor is saying because you’ll just be lost in the competition

4. The Unaware

The Unaware don’t know they have a problem that needs to be fixed. They’re open to suggestion, but your product simply isn’t on their radar.

How to sell: Catch their attention. However you do it, you’re looking to do something radical. You’re trying to sell them on all three levels: A problem they have, the solution you offer, and your brand. These are where you can take the most risk.

Now that you have this information you will be able to identify your audience within these groups and cater your sales pitches to them specifically. Think about what your products and services. What makes it stand out against your competition? Use this information to create content, emails, and sales pages that resonate with your audiences needs and wants. Remember to add value and offer solutions to their problems.