Learn Professional Tips for Podcasting at Philadelphia Podcast Meetup

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Learn Professional Tips for Podcasting at Philadelphia Podcast Meetup

We recently launched the “Philadelphia Podcasting Meetup” and learned so much from each other. Not only have we created some great friendships in the podcasting community, but we also learned a lot. So far our meetup discussion topics have been handling issues we face when it comes to podcasting effectively and professionally, and choosing the best podcast equipment for a professional sound. The

The guest speaker for the first meetup was professional podcaster and Philly Podcast Meetup member, Mathew Passy. Passy was a newsroom producer for NJ 101.5 FM, he proposed their first podcast shortly after the iPod was introduced, which is still published on a daily basis. Then he went to work for The Wall Street Journal Radio Network, producing, editing, hosting and creating podcasts for close to a decade. Passy is now on his own as an independent Podcast Producer/Consultant, having helped launch several individual shows and a podcast network.

Passy discussed the basic equipment and software needed to make the audio of your podcast cleaner and clearer for your audience. The tips he gave will have you sounding like a professional in no time.  

The Philadelphia Podcasting Meetup serves to provide tips and tricks for anyone with a podcast or looking to start one. The event organizers are serial entrepreneur, and host of The Better Than Success Podcast, Nicole Purvy and social media extraordinaire Ileane Smith.  

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